The places are wide, warm and elegant colours and materials; the local furnishings, marry courtesy and efficiency, rendering, indeed, an unforgettable stay.  Frame from dream of the Relais del Nazionale one you can reserve the room that more is suited to your requirements and your style, choosing between eight various mountain topics.

Any is your choice, would enjoy, in every room, of that ambient warmth and receiving typical of the mountain and the past, without to renounce to the most modern technologies and comfort that they will feel satisfy and completely/ totally cuddle, with to an impeccable service and to the thousand opportunities that the surroundings one offers in all the seasons to You. In the inner design of every Suite found again the attention for the details.

The appearing simplicity from which you are encircled is created in order to offer the maximum of the luxury and of the comfort to who it returns to the Relais after an pleasant day passed in mountain, on the paths of it goes them or on the tracks from ski. The spaces are wide, the used, warm and elegant colours and materials; the local furnishings and an only service, marry courtesy and efficiency, rendering your indeed unforgettable stay.