The Restaurant

The restaurant is the beating heart of the Nazionale Hotel, where the Macario family can transmit their passion for food to their guests.

Their cooking is based on hundreds of years of Piedmontese cooking tradition, characterized by very high quality raw materials and by a constant research for new techniques.

Luigi Veronelli's inspectors have included the Nazionale restaurant in the great family of restaurants in the guide "Guida oro: i ristoranti di Veronelli ".

We are glad that even a highly appreciated reviewer like Paolo Massobrio in his "Guida Critica & Golosa" has decided to include the Nazionale. Then, we have been internationally consecrated by the Michelin Red Guide

With the changing of the seasons and the available raw materials, the kitchen staff meets the serving staff in order to create new menus. Our customers can therefore discover a continually evolving menu.

During the special periods of the year when our land offers its own treasures, food themes are proposed. So, in winter white truffles from Alba and Helix Pomatia Alpina (Borgo San Dalmazzo escargot) and in the autumn Cuneo chestnuts and boletus mushrooms are offered. In the spring and in the summer Peveragno berries and so on.

Thanks to the courage and the determination of the Giordano family, this year on our rich cheese trolley, you will also be able to find Palanfré, a typical mountain pasture cheese. In the summer time cottage cheese, soft cheese, primo sale, natural yogurts and more mature Palanfré make our selection even richer. The new opportunity this cheese has offered us is that the Nazionale cooks have immediately been able to offer their guests new dishes created with this cheese produced at an altitude of 1400 m a.s.l. in Palanfré.